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Investigation Notes


August 16, 2007 8:30 am - Detective Dornorb was contacted by the chief police.


The victim's (Simon P. Ano) fingernails and lips were blue. Ventilator and dialysis machine were off upon arrival of detective. (Were they turned off before or after death??). A sound was coming from Ano's body (baclofen pump).



-Cellphone under Ano's bed with a message from "Honey Bear": Finally gotcha 8/16 7:01 am 229-533-9520.

-Two additional medications were found in the room. First medication under the name of Golda Digger (08/12/07) with only 5 out of 30 capsules left. The other under the name of Haff Note (7/26/06) with 108 out of 120 capsules left.

-Letter from "Flag House". The company was not able to deliver equipment until next month.

-Email from Ask a Librarian chat





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